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PhD Student @ Oxford

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Elliott / Shangzhe Wu

DPhil in Engineering Science

Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford

I am a fourth-year PhD student at Oxford VGG, supervised by Andrea Vedaldi. My current research focuses on unsupervised 3D learning and inverse rendering. In particular, I am interested in designing unsupervised algorithms that allow physics-based, disentangled 3D representations to automatically emerge, by training on "in-the-wild" images and videos without explicit supervision.

Prior to joining Oxford, I completed BSc in Computer Science at HKUST, and worked on image translation and generation with Chi-Keung Tang and Yu-Wing Tai. I also spent time interning at Google Research with Noah Snavely's team.


Oct 2022: We are organizing an ECCV workshop on Neural Geometry and Rendering with the CO3D Challenge.

Oct 2021: We are organizing an ICCV workshop on Unsupervised 3D Learning in the Wild.

Jun 2021: I have set up some public office hours (inspired by Jia-Bin Huang).

May 2021: Happy to be recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2021!

Jun 2020: Our work on Unsup3D received the Best Paper Award at CVPR 2020!

Jun 2020: I started an internship at Google Research with Noah Snavely's team in NYC.



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